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Buyback Information

What is buyback?

Textbook buyback is an event for students to earn cash for their used textbooks, regardless of where they originally purchased it. That means we accept books purchased from our bookstore, as well as Amazon or other resellers.

What do I need for buyback?

All you need is to bring in any textbooks you are looking to sell and your BHC student ID (also known as your 900#). You do not need your original receipt.

How are buyback prices determined?

Several factors determine the price paid for a book:

  • If the bookstore is buying a book, we must look at several factors. This includes, but is not limited to, if the book is the current edition or if there is a newer edition coming out.
  • If our wholesaler facilitating buyback is purchasing the book, the wholesale purchase price will be based on current market value.
  • The amount you may receive cannot be determined until you are at the buyback register and is non-negotiable. 

Why didn't the bookstore give me money for my books?

There are several things the bookstore/our wholesaler must consider before buying books back from students such as:

  • If an instructor has chosen the book for the upcoming term.
  • If the bookstore has a need for additional inventory to fill an instructor's request.
  • If the used book wholesaler who facilitates our buyback needs the inventory.
  • If the book is in "good" or "resalable" condition.
  • An instructor or department may specify buyback criteria on any given book.

What is considered "good" or "resalable" condition?

If your book is not in good/resalable condition, it will be refused during buyback. A "good" and "resalable" book will:

  • not have stains and/or water damage
  • not have missing, torn or loose pages/cover
  • not have a damaged spine/binding
  • not have excessive writing or highlighting
  • not have any writing/be clean (if a work book or lab manual) 
  • The bookstore has the right to refuse any book that is not in good or resalable condition!

My friend got a higher amount back for the same textbook. Why didn't I get this amount too?

If the bookstore has reached our limit for that particular title, our wholesaler might purchase it for a different amount than what was originally offered when we were buying it for our stock. This is why we cannot determine the amount you get back until you are in store. It is also possible your friend is including the total amount they received from buyback, not just an individual title.


You took back my friend's textbook but not mine. Why didn't you take it if it is the same textbook?

If the bookstore has reached our limit for that particular title, we cannot take any more books. Our wholesaler may or may not want the title, and if they do not, we cannot take the book. As the week progresses on, our open-to-buy numbers shrink, so it is best to come in early to make sure we can take all your eligible books. 


Aren't buyback and returning the same thing?

No, buyback and returning a textbook are two separate things. Returns must follow our return policy.


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